Independent National Electoral Commission

  • Establishment of the Electronic Voter Register. The design, development, implementation and maintenance of the electronic voter register system and the establishment of the first ever electronic voter register in Nigeria. [2002-2003]
  • Temporary Voter Cards. Development of a system to produce 60 million temporary voter cards in 8 weeks. [2003]
  • Extended Biometric Verification. The extended verification of applicants using an automated fingerprint identification system. [2003-2005]
  • Geographical Information System integration. The integration between the Electronic Voter Register System and the Geographical Information System to improve delimitation management, spatial data analysis and reporting. [2005-2006]
  • Photo Based Voter Register. Completion of a pilot project to register 300,000 voters and deliver a photo based voter register. [2006]
  • System Integration. Integration of software functionality supplied by 3 suppliers of Direct Data Capture units. [2006]
  • Support National Voter Register. Consolidation and support of the National Voter Register. [2012 - current]

National Health Insurance Scheme of Nigeria

  • The registration of 350,000 government officials in accordance with the new health insurance scheme and the production of 1.2 million identity cards. [2005-current]
  • Review and upgrade projects on the Enrolee Database and Management System. [2009 - current]
  • Development and hosting of online services for the Formal Sector and Voluntary Contributor Social Health Insurance Programmes. [2011 - current]
  • Online services for accredited healthcare providers to search for and verify eligibility of NHIS beneficiaries and download reports and general information. [2012 - current]

Nigeria Immigration Service

  • Provide technical support services to Iris Smart Technologies Limited on the public private partnership with NIS for the production of passport booklet production, distributed electronic passport applications, application verifications, biometric systems, passport personalisation, passport administration and database systems and border control systems. [2004 - current]

  • Registration of 69 million applicants and processing in 5 months
  • Printing of 60 million ID cards
  • Fingerprint database with more than 120 million fingerprints
  • Biometric verification of 48 million people
  • Managing 3 National Databases in Nigeria

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