Our turnkey solutions focus on harnessing information technology and data to work for clients as enablers to improve on the delivery of operational, business and strategic objectives, improve governance and run a smarter operation.

These solutions include custom built software developed by our highly competent and experienced teams integrated with components from leading hardware, software and communication suppliers. This offers our clients fit-for-purpose, affordable and sustainable solutions.

Some of our solutions have been operational for more than a decade and is still enabling our clients to deliver on their mandate. Our enterprise solutions focus on the management of identity and partner management, service delivery, revenue collection, claims management and interactive and automated transactional workflows in the following sectors:

Travel & Identity Documents

Exaro has as part of the Iris Smart Technologies Limited team, been involved in all aspects of delivering e-passport to the Nigerian citizens since 2007.

Exaro's products catering member registration, management and production of identity documents have been based on the models used and perfected on the passport project. These products allow our clients to improve service levels, member management, quality of identity documents/licenses issued and reduce delays, fraud and cost. Our dashboards and reports allow the client to manage every aspect of the process.

Health Insurance Management

Exaro's has been involved with health insurance in the Nigerian industry since 2005. This exposure and experience shared by our international partners allowed us to built a comprehensive health information management system that is tailored to the local industry, effective, affordable, sustainable and fit-for-purpose.

Components of this system has been implemented at the National Health Insurance Scheme and is used for the management of more than 3 million beneficiaries

This full solution providing for program and benefit plan management, membership registration and management, contribution management, service delivery management including referral and claims management and several other components are rolled out at Kano State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency as part of a Public-Private Partnership agreement.

Identity Cards/Documents

More than decades of experience in the Nigerian health insurance industry and experience shared by our international partners allow us to offer effective, affordable, sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions to the industry.

Health and Hospital Management

Exaro-HST Limited provides solutions designed to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects in healthcare facilities and its services to improve the integration of diverse data and allow organisation-wide communication and workflow management.

Services include patient administration, revenue management, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, physician and nurse workstations and several other specialist systems. The objective is to improve service levels, increase revenue, reduce losses and inefficiencies and achieve better health outcomes.

Our systems are modular and scalable and operate effectively in facilities ranging from small rural hospitals and clinics to large tertiary and training hospitals.


Exaro, as part of the Cloud Systems Limited group, signed a 10-year agreement with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to developed, operated and maintained an Agricultural Support Platform. The focus is on the collection, processing and availing of data on the complete agricultural value chain from the farmer and farm to the table. This platform supports major initiatives such as the agricultural promotion policy, social investment programs, promoting grazing reserves and programs addressing productivity enhancement, crowding in private investment and institutional realignment.