The efficacy and effectiveness of organisations and projects can often be linked directly to the availability of accurate and current data and the ability to analyse and use the data to improve operations, management and strategic imperatives. The more complex the operation, the more important data becomes to increase productivity, eliminate risks, improve service levels and improve feasibility and sustainability.

Dynamic Survey Tools

Exaro provides data collection tools that allow the stakeholders to collect relevant information at the relevant time from registered entities. These survey instruments are deployed dynamically to standard off-the-shelf mobile devices and collected data can be uploaded in real-time or in batches to central services. The latter allows for offline operations in areas with no or limited communication infrastructure.


Uploaded data is immediately available via management portals, dashboards and reports.

The real-time data from dashboards and real-time reports allow for effective operational management and immediate actions to deal with operational issues, risks and inefficiencies. Management reports, data analyses and data mining allow for improved management planning, monitoring and interventions and strategic reviews.

Any gaps in data can be corrected immediately by adjusting the survey instrument dynamically.


Exaro is using these tools to collect data related to farmers, farms and farming activities to enhance productivity with an emphasis on access to land, soil fertility, access to inputs, production management, storage, processing and market access. The data collection focuses on prioritised plant, animal and aquaculture production.

This approach ensures that the relevant questions are asked at the relevant time to a specific farmer.