Exaro principals participated in the registration of large populations of people since 1996. In 2002 the principals teamed up with partners for the registration of 69 million voters in Nigeria. This was accomplished in 5 months and in the process 9 million duplicate applications were rejected using a biometric identification system.

This success story led to the establishment of Exaro and it is one of only a few companies that can boast responsibility and/or participation in the registration of more than a 100 million people.

Exaro has a pragmatic approach to an environment that is extremely complex. Exaro offers experienced management and staff with tested, proven and appropriate technologies and solutions.

Exaro's management has a passion to make a difference and our knowledge and experience is applied to provide clients with integrated solutions that are appropriate and sustainable. Our turnkey solutions minimise client risk and ensure the effective transfer of knowledge and skills.

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The founder shareholders and management of
the company include highly qualified and experienced individuals that are leaders in their respective fields.

The Exaro Board of Directors are:

> Olayinka Fisher - Chairman (Non-Executive)
> Giel van Niekerk - Managing Director
> Gerhard Kleynhans - Director

These individuals have been business partners for many years and have been involved in major projects in South Africa and Nigeria.

Shareholders include the management and a leading and reputable Nigerian registered company, Image Technologies Limited.